Our Expertise :

Designing and building complete sugar plants and process equipment for sugar, for the refining and bioethanol industries, from cane and beet.

Our offer :

OSS Group Corp. has the widest offer on the market geographically and technologically, including:
Unit equipment
Factory complete stations
Complete sugar plants
Engineering and Maintenance Services

Unrivalled experience in project management :

  • A global presence: OSS Group Corp. benefits from the support of its many local partners and suppliers around the world, which enables for a decentralized approach and ensures close contact with local markets
  • Solutions for your specific needs: OSS Group Corp. is committed to supplying process and mechanical solutions which are innovative, reliable and precisely adapted to the requirements of our clients' production plants (beet or cane factories, distilleries and refineries). From equipment design to turnkey processing plants, OSS Group Corp. provides a complete range of competitive services to back up its durable, high-performance, affordable products
  • Global know-how: OSS Group Corp. provides a complete range of services from engineering consultancy to maintenance management. Its process equipment designs are manufactured locally to ensure rapid delivery and costs optimization

Complete Plant :

OSS Group Corp. offers a very important know-how in the design and the construction of technological process lines of cane and beet sugar factories as well as raw sugar refinerires.
The mastering of sugar process enables OSS Group Corp. to present turn-key technological solutions by bringing all the important guarantees for the investor in terms of capacity, sugar quality, energy consumption.
This offer can be optimised in cost and delivery thanks to a unique network of worldwide partners with whom OSS Group Corp. continuously develops innovative solutions

Our engineering experience a successful technical fact :

Through compliance with efficiency and continued effort to perform the highest level of integrated services , starting from distinguish engineering designs to facilitate  execution according to the approved specification , we lay down the definite time schedules available for each project.
Hence our dexterous  team excelled in the flexible execution according to the latest international technologies , because we have provided the latest systems and instruments for completion of our mission & contracts

Our Engineering and technologies activities :

Performance of the best services remains our first goal . This comes with the continued handling of the latest technologies methods , which made our works witness completion of specialized elecromechanical contract according to the international quality standards

We have carried our several vital and distinguished project …

Government sector :
  • Various building executed under supervision of the relevant government ministries and department
  • Places , villa complexes , sport clubs and landscaping
  • Hospital , government clinics , schools , and office building

Private sector :
  • Hirise Commercial , housing and office
  • All Building's type
  • Hotels , tourist resorts & hospitals
  • Expiations , store and mental structure
  • Ships , vessels and marine platforms

Field OF activities :

  • Design , installation , commissioning and maintenance for all type of air conditioning systems
  • Design , installation , commissioning and maintenance of forzen & cold stores
  • Design , installation , commissioning and maintenance of moblie cold stores.
  • Design , installation , commissioning and maintenance of central ventilation systems.
  • Sanitary & plumbing works
  • Design , installation , commissioning and maintenance of water distribuation and transmisson network
  • Water desalination & Treatment plants
  • Main Water pipelines
  • Agricultural irrigation systems
  • Central and branch sewage plants
  • Construction of agriculture glass & plastic houses
  • Sucking , compression and submersible pumps
  • Olympic swimming pools and steam rooms
  • Artificial water falls & fountains
  • All type of electrical works
  • Installation and commissioning of overhand valtage power transmission networ
  • Solar energy systems
  • Installation and commissioning of electric distribution and control boards
  • Design and installation of street lighting systems
  • Design and installation of traffic lights
  • TV reception and satellite systems
  • Automatic doors and barriers
  • Ship , vessel and marine operation systems
  • Safety and security systems for banks and building

Our engineering designs creativeness :

Our company is reach with the international technical exprience in the field of engineering design which provides an advanced technoogical electro-machanical scope in order to produce the best designs which comply with the highest international standards. We take into consideration the special nature of the environmental and local climate conditions ... which rendered the com-pany a leading one in success of its specialties and qualifies it to win the dis-tinguished tenders and contracts for special work projects by the rehabilitation of thevarious electromechanical systems and networks

We convert the old into new

Our specialized team plans for useful execution which made us specialized & renown contractors for electromechanical systems renovation to all buildings and real estate already established in order to cope with their newwe similes . therefore the company concentrated on benefiting from the existiong networks and electromechanical systems and rehabilitation of the same at the lowest pos-sible cost to maintain them without additional costs , as well as we provide a suitable economical substitute , which we feel proud to being one of the unique in this field